5th International Seminar on Behavioral Methods


“5th International Seminar on Behavioral Methods”. The conference will be organized from 27-29 September in Kraków in Poland.

The main focus of the conference is behavioral research in animal and human models.  This year we have two sessions which are common for all editions of the conference, namely the "Behavioral research in human and other primates" and the "Noah's Ark" which is devoted to the non-standard animal models, like camels, goats, fish or crickets. This year we have also invited speakers for the “Feeding and behavior” and the “Social behavior and communication” sessions.

Additionally we will offer workshops organized by the equipment suppliers “NOLDUS and “VIVARI”.

We would like to draw your attention to the plenary lecture by Tristram Wyatt from the Oxford University.

All invited speakers guarantee the high scientific level of the conference.

The extra bonus is the conference venue located in close proximity to the historical downtown of Kraków.

Please find in the attachment the banner, which could be placed on your web page. The link to the conference web page is: http://www.behavioral-methods.pl/invitation/