ENCODS 2016 will take place North of Copenhagen next summer


Great communications skills are a vital part of disseminating science, which is why the program includes workshops evolving subjects like scientific writing and presentation skills. ENCODS is a great way for young scientists to interact with each other and with senior scientists in a different setting than usual, and serves as the optimal platform for the initiation of important collaborations across borders. At ENCODS, we believe that open-minded interaction is key to moving the field forward. We encourage all PhD students with an interest for Neuroscience to visit www.encods.eu to read more about the conference and applyf or the 2016 ENCODS. In total, 150 students will be selected to participate in the meeting,which will be held only 70 minutes by public transport from the airport in Copenhagen. ENCODS 2016 will take place June 29th ‐ July 1st, making it a perfect fit for attending the FENS 2016 in Copenhagen, starting immediately after.We believe that open-minded interaction with fellow neuroscientists, and beyond, is key to move the field forward. Therefore, the aim of the ENCODS 2016 is threefold:

  1. To inspire young scientists to look beyond the boundaries of their own field.
  2. To provide an intimate environment where young researchers can interact with both renowned scientists and fellow researchers.
  3. To help students develop a skill set that is needed to be a good communicator of science.

In order to create this interactive environment, our strategy is also three-fold. First, we invite a diverse team of prominent scientists that have an influence on neuroscience that far outreaches their own field, touching even upon philosophy of neuroscience. Second, the interactive program gives ample opportunity for interactions with fellow researchers, more than what would be possible at a large-scale Neuroscience meeting. Third, by adding skill training in workshops specifically designed for PhD students, we want to add up to what these large Neuroscience conferences can offer.

This way, we hope that every participant will walk away from ENCODS2016 with an elevated curiosity on all aspects of neuroscience, as well as with life-long contacts, both for collaborations and friendships.