3rd International Symposium on Visual Physiology, Environment & Perception

The Symposium is a collaborative project of scientists from three Baltic countries –Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, to make vision science more recognisable in ourregion.

We welcome participants from any country involved in various fields of visionscience.

The main aim of the Symposium is to promote cooperation and communication between eye care professionals and researchers from various fields of visionscience:

  • CLINICAL STUDIES IN OPTOMETRY (clinical cases, diagnostics, and treatment);
  • VISUAL PHYSIOLOGY (accommodation, binocular and monocular eye movements,pupil physiology);
  • ENVIRONMENT (lighting, visual fatigue, technology of visual stimuli);
  • VISUAL PERCEPTION (visual attention, colour perception, spatial vision).

Hosting institutions: Tallinn University & Tallinn Health Care College

Venue: online platform & Tallinn University

Extra treat: online workshops for optometrists on the 11th November.

We are glad to announce that there will be a special issue dedicated to research presented in our conference in peer-reviewed journal “Proceedings of the EstonianAcademy of Sciences” (open access, Scopus database; http://www.kirj.ee/proceedings/) which will be published in 2021.

For more information visit our web page: https://www.tlu.ee/en/vispep2020/welcome

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