Institute of Education Research, Education Academy, VDU

Institute of Education Research, Education Academy, VDU

Studentų g. 39, LT-08106 Vilnius, Lietuva


Studentų g. 39, LT-08106 Vilnius, Lietuva



Prof. Aušra Daugirdienė


Tel.: (+370 5) 273 0895

Visual psychophysics – Investigating detection, discrimination and identification of visual stimuli.

  • Contrast, shape and orientation – quantification of the filters and the channels subserving pattern vision.
  • Colour – detection of chromaticity by cone opponent mechanisms (L-M, S-L-M), wavelength discrimination by colour-opponent mechanisms (second order stage; red-green, blue-yellow); colour identification and colour constancy (central colour centre).

Binocular vision, depth perception – stereopsis, chromatic rivalry

Visual psychophysics: contrast, shape and orientation, colour (colour constancy).

Keywords:Binocular vision, depth perception

Contacts: Prof. Aušra Daugirdienė,

Cognitive Experimental Psychology: research of human sensory perception, memory, attention, cognitive flexibility, face recognition at different ages.

Keywords:Cognitive Experimental Psychology

Neuropsychological assessment of pre-school and school children

Neuropsychological assessment

Keywords: Cognitive Experimental Psychology

Contacts: Assist. prof. Aušra Daugirdienė,


Visual perception research:

  • Research of vision field homogeneity
  • Research of visual stimulus grouping based on Gestalt grouping rules

Keywords: Visual perception, visual field homogeneity, Gestalt theory

Contacts: dr. Aldona Radzevičienė,