The next deadline for applications is: 2024 April 1st.  

Terms and conditions for LNA scholarships (hereinafter refered to as scholarships): 

  1. Only members of LNA can apply for the scholarship. The nomination can be given to those who have been members for at least 24 months prior the application, and who have paid no less than two annual membership fees. 
  2. To apply for the scholarship, he/she must fill-out a special request form (Appendix 1). 
  3. It is also required to submit two recommendations, at least one of them must be from a member of LNA (Appendix 2). 
  4. Applications are assessed and nominations are given by the Board of LNA four times a year, on the first working day of each quarter (that is, the first working day of January, April, July, October). 
  5. The annual budget for scholarships is 1000 Eur. 
  6. One applicant is entitled for no more than 500 Eur per scholarship. 
  7. A nominated member can apply for a new scholarship not earlier than 2 years after the last nomination. 
  8. The scholarship is given for participation in conferences (with oral or poster presentations), schools, traineeships, and other events for professional improvement. 
  9. If it is not possible to participate in the event for which a person was nominated (it was cancelled, a different bursary was received, not possible to attend, etc.), the member must inform the president of LNA as soon as possible by submitting a request to cancel his/her nomination and return the scholarship if it has been given. To get a scholarship for a new scientific event the member must submit a new application during the next call. 
  10. Within 60 days after the money were spent or after the participation in the event/traineeship a nominated person must write a report (Appendix 3) and present a proof of the event/traineeship (a copy of a conference program, an invitation, a certificate of attendance, or a report written by a traineeship supervisor).  
  11. The priority is given for researchers working on their dissertation. If there are a few similar applicants, the preference is given for the one that is attending an event of a greater magnitude, or that could have a direct impact on LNA activities. 
  12. A member that does not present the report on time will be automatically banned from the future scholarships. 
  13. All the nominations are announced on the LNA website along with the assigned scholarships and short reports on what was done (gained skills, mastered new methods, etc.).  

NENS (Network of European Neuroscience Schools) scholarships: